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RESI at FutureNet MENA 2024

RESI participates at FutureNet MENA 2024

RESI is proud to be an exhibitor at FutureNet MENA, the event that will be held on 14 and 15 May in Dubai (Conrad Hotel).

The event brings together the leading Communication Service Providers (CSPs) from around the world to discuss strategic and business priorities in today's digital world.

RESI 2024 TelCo Events

RESI 2024 TelCo Events


RESI  is gearing up for an action-packed season of Telco Events worldwide! 

From cutting-edge discussions on Service Assurance to diving deep into the realm of 5G, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, we're elated to be at the forefront of innovation. 

Stay tuned! See you there! 

RESI is recognized as an Innovative SME


The first goal of 2024 has been achieved: RESI is officially recognized as an Innovative SME listed in the special section of the Rome Chamber of Commerce's Business Register.

This milestone attests to RESI's commitment to providing cutting-edge services that contribute to the country's innovative development while maintaining high standards of quality.

Investments in Research and Development, highly qualified personnel, and intellectual property rights to software developed in RESI laboratories have enabled the company to receive this important recognition.

RESI launches the D.A.I.MON Project


We are pleased to announce the participation of RESI S.p.A. as the main partner in the D.A.I.MON (Dynamic Artificial Intelligence Monitoring) project, conceived in response to the call for proposals "MISE-accordi per l’innovazione II sportello-" issued by the Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy. The aim of the project is to develop a monitoring and analysis system for traffic based on Artificial Intelligence, with particular focus on stand-alone 5G network infrastructure.

The project is being developed in partnership with Italian companies and research centers of excellence, including IPS S.p.A, NetResults S.r.l., and Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna.

The designed system will feature functions for detecting anomalous, critical events and trend analysis in network traffic (Detection), predicting future traffic trends (Prediction), and processing general and granular metrics indicative of the quality of service experienced by end-users (Quality of Experience, QoE).

The 36-month project is structured into a series of innovative modules and tools aimed at ensuring and optimizing the proper functioning of networks and the subsequent success of services enabled on them.

Through Artificial Intelligence, the solution aims to surpass the current statistical-deterministic approach used in network monitoring and evolve towards a hybrid holistic-predictive model.

All details are available in the press release.👇



RESI joins the HortiQD Project

We are pleased to announce the participation of RESI S.p.A. as a technological partner in the HortiQD project under the Horizon Europe program. The project involves collaboration between European companies and research centers of excellence, including Fraunhofer (project leader), ST Microelectronics, SITIA, CEA, ABS, InHort, among others.

The aim of the project, which falls within the AgriFoodTech context, is to develop an artificial vision system for use in agriculture, particularly in orchards and intensive vegetable gardens, with the goal of increasing yield and improving crop quality while simultaneously reducing pesticide usage.

The 36-month project represents a further step towards the introduction of automation and IT systems for increasingly sustainable cultivation techniques that can effectively address the impacts of climate change. HortiQD will produce innovative and improvement technologies for the agri-food sector, and the consortium aims to lead the evolution towards a sustainable, safe, and efficient supply chain.

All details are available in the press release.👇

Meeting between the company and young people: making connect

Meeting between the company and young people: making connections for the future

Claudio Romani, CEO of RESI S.p.A., states: "Artificial Intelligence is a 5G necessity".

The rollout of new networks, technologies and services entails new complexities and creates new challenges. 5G brings significant growth in traffic, orchestrated networks and services, and an increasing number of IoT devices connected.


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