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Rerecording, Quality Assurance and Speech Analytics with the Leading Italian Utility provider

Since 2010, the leading Italian Utility company has equipped itself with the RESI technology for the Audio/Video recording of its Contact Center with the aim of improving the quality of its Call Centers and Customer Satisfaction.

In all these years, we have been in contact with the customer in order to bring benefits of Quality Assurance as well as being a reliable and innovative technological partner. In fact, in recent years we have successfully faced the technological challenges and brought innovation with great satisfaction from the customer’s side.

Among the main success stories, we can certainly highlight the automatic evaluation of Vocal Orders with undoubted advantages in terms of saving and, through Speech Analytics, the categorization of telephone interactions useful for Business to determine the Trend Topic.

DIRECT™ is the solution for quality control and automation of Contact Center processes, Automatic Speech Recognition and Speech Analysis.

DIRECT™ carries out activities of:

  • Recording of inbound/outbound phone conversations
  • Telesales’ registration
  • Enrichment of records with CTI Genesys data
  • Recordings’ display in the management Web Interface
  • Call assessment workflows through questionnaires and multi-level evaluation profiles

Vocal Order:

The Vocal Order automatic validation system has the task of verifying and classifying the Vocal Orders with indexes of adherence to the reference scripts of the specific sale and to the contents of the contract such as customer personal data, sales and costs parameters or other specific data.

All registrations with certain adhesion indices (lower than a pre-set threshold) are marked to be subjected to "manual" listening by dedicated personnel.

Advantages of the solution:

  • Automated verification of the validity for the contractual purposes of the Vocal Order
  • Significant savings compared to manual verification
  • Significantly reduces the need for manual verification of the quality of the recordings and the service offered

Trend Topic:

Analysis and categorization of telephone transcripts to determine the topics of greatest trend, with dashboard able to monitor in real time the trends and interests of the customer in a timely manner. The Trend Topic platform is able to highlight the immediate interests in order to better target the business needs and/or to uncover unknown issues, in order to make the right countermeasures.


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