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Technology solutions to power your business operations


Technology solutions to power your business operations

The main challenges for those in the Energy & Utility industry are engaging and retaining their customers.

The Voices of Customers (VoC), in the era of digital transformation, fly fast in the various touchpoints and can quickly turn into storms very difficult to manage for companies.

Companies active in the Energy & Utility sector operate in a highly regulated and competitive regime.

ENERGY & UTILITY digital transformation

The adoption of digital solutions represents the ideal vehicle to achieve the optimization of internal processes and improve the customer experience.

In this context, equipping a Quality Assurance platform for all interactions with customers and purchasing channels can ensure a high level of customer care and improve reputation.

Automating quality control and compliance at all touch points with customers allows companies to raise awareness and avoid compromising credibility and incurring unpleasantness.

Regardless of the business function, such as compliance, customer service, security or quality control, different software solutions highly focused on the service to be delivered can lead to a high ROI, containing costs, automating repetitive tasks and increasing the governance of internal or external processes.

RESI's contact center quality assurance and digital transformation solutions meet the need of many Energy & Utility companies to update procedures and technological systems in order to enable a customer experience that is increasingly "closer" to the end customer and streamline the burden of managing IT and ICT platforms.


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