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The degree of complexity of modern communication networks, the continuous virtualization of networks and services, and the demand for the delivery of increasingly advanced services such as 5G Standalone (5G SA), SDN and NFV, force Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to closely monitor network performance.

The focus on QoE (Quality of Experience) issues, i.e. the end user's subjective perception of the overall quality of an application or service, forces TLC operators to closely monitor network performance.

A 360° approach to Network Performance Management becomes crucial for companies that base their reputation on the reliability of their networks.

Monitoring, Assurance & Analytics

Ensure a process to monitor, manage and analyze network performance and quality of service delivered to manage any anomalies and analyze trends.

5G Service Assurance

Monitor and analyze the most advanced multi-cloud, multi-operator, multi-vendor and multi-technology services, powered by 5G in all its declinations at the lowest TCO.

IoT Monitoring, Analytics & Visibility

Provide comprehensive monitoring and visibility of IoT devices by aggregating network performance metrics into a single interface.


Identify the causes of problems so that timely action can be taken for resolution in the event of disruption or slowdown of networks or applications.

DPI & IP Classification Technology

Provide complete real-time visibility into network traffic with identification and classification of services, protocols and application types.

OTT Video Assurance

Collect and correlate all relevant video traffic metrics in order to optimize performance and overall quality of service.

Roaming Assurance

Monitor the quality and efficiency of inbound and outbound roaming traffic in real time in order to ensure a better customer experience.

GEMINI-NET ™, the complete RESI solution

GEMINI-NET™ is the technology that RESI Informatica offers for active and passive monitoring of networks and communication services, used in old and new generation networks.

Gemini - Resi Informatica active and passive monitoring of networks and communication services

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