The customer as the core value of every business.

There is a need for companies and institutions to put the customer at the center of their business and make sure they feel understood and supported. It becomes essential to efficiently digitize existing conventional processes by collecting, analyzing and using real-time data in order to optimize and maximize the efficiency of these processes.

The experience gained over the years, the internal know-how and the ability to create customized solutions for the customer through the use of innovative technologies, have made RESI the ideal partner to accompany companies and institutions towards the implementation of new advanced digital solutions.

Using an innovative approach and end-to-end customer management, RESI guides its customers by facilitating the most effective 4.0 transition.

IoT Smart Solutions

Offer monitoring solutions for SMART applications targeting multiple industries, from healthcare to commerce, from industrial processes to agriculture.

System Integration

Enhance technology investments in applications and platforms so you can expand your business in the digital age and reduce time-to-market.

Big Data System

Acquisition and continuous monitoring of large amounts of data from heterogeneous sources and processed by a central data fusion system capable of extracting the maximum value.

Artificial Intelligence

Combine big data through the use of innovative intelligent algorithms to automate repetitive, low-value parts of business processes.

Cloud Design

Availability of designed and integrated solutions for on-premise environments, major clouds (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud...) and hybrid architectures

Dashboard & Report

Support easy and intuitive data management and visualization through a single, modern, customizable, multi-tenant interface, allowing you to analyze and create reports.

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION ™, the System Integration solution


  • Application Development
  • Big Data
  • Elasticsearch
  • Portals
  • Integrated Web Platforms
  • Mobile Applications
  • CMS
  • LSB projects (fleet management, etc.)
  • Use of proprietary and/or open source languages, databases and technologies

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