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RESI is thrilled to announce its successful participation in DTW24 - Ignite, held in Copenhagen from June 18th to 20th.

Europe's relationship with technology is unique; experiencing exponential leaps, it has bypassed legacy systems and traditional infrastructures to implement innovative solutions across sectors. From advancements in 5G monetization and AI management to cloud migration and edge computing, Europe is at the forefront of a technological revolution. This includes areas such as autonomous networks and operations, which promise to transform connectivity and business agility.

RESI was part of global and European government discussions at DTW24 - Ignite, contributing to defining the next solutions and infrastructure necessary to pave the way for a hyper-connected Europe. Topics such as digital transformation, data analytics, and cloud-native technologies were central to these discussions, ensuring that the continent remains competitive and innovative.

At DTW24 - Ignite, RESI S.p.A. presented its cutting-edge solution: an AI-driven system that monitors and analyzes traffic patterns, detects anomalies and trends, predicts future patterns, and provides granular Quality of Experience (QoE) metrics. Designed for cloud-based orchestration, it supports network monitoring for IoT and M2M environments, moving towards a holistic-predictive model for proactive Service Assurance in 5G networks.

The event also covered key aspects like customer experience management, business assurance, and closed-loop automation, highlighting the importance of resilience and sustainability in today's tech landscape. RESI engaged in discussions on ecosystem management, open APIs, and NaaS (Network as a Service), emphasizing the need for business agility and value stream improvements.

Through skills transformation and enterprise architecture, RESI is committed to shaping the future of Europe's digital ecosystem.


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