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RESI S.p.A | IVR TESTING for ever-evolving customer service

The IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is the enabling technology for callers to browse a phone system before talking to a customer service agent. The purpose of this system is to route customers to the proper service department in the call center. In order to deploy an IVR, the callers use voice commands and DTMF tones (or keypad input). The most advanced IVRs support human-machine communications and provide an experience that more closely resembles that of a human agent. These systems use speech based technologies that leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and allow for a more natural and spontaneous conversation.

Artificial intelligence plays a central role in the innovation process of the IVR system, as it allows it to go far beyond a normal voice recognition system to a deeper level of understanding and interaction. In order to make these imperatives a reality, best-of-breed AI-based technologies have been integrated into IVR systems to leverage speech recognition, text to speech (TTS), natural language understanding (NLP), biometrics, machine learning, and learning via deep neural networks (deep learning) to ensure a quality IVR experience.

Nowadays, IVR systems are being used across nearly every industry and its respective areas of application, such as banking, insurance, utility, automotive and telco to handle customer calls, without the necessity of connecting with a real human agent. The interactive voice response software allows users to select the most appropriate options using a series of pre-registered menus and sub-menus that follow a precisely designed and optimized flow. In case the customer is not able to get an appropriate response, only then the call can be transferred to a live agent.


Advantages and Benefits

Having an appropriate IVR system allows to:

  • Minimize operational costs and increase profits and production: IVR technology allows agents to save time and the business to allocate resources in meeting customer needs. It allows the company to handle a very high number of calls without long delays, resulting in higher call volumes and increased revenue opportunities for clients.
  • Improve the customer experience: customers receive the proper care and guidance they need on a 24/7 basis.
  • Fix issues quicker: callers are immediately routed to the appropriate department or sales team that can deliver the appropriate solution.
  • Renovate and enhance corporate identity: smaller companies may appear as if they have a very large workforce.

IVR Testing: the solution for simple and intuitive CX

In the omnichannel ecosystem, monitoring, analytics and automation of the phone channel is key for companies to increase efficiency and optimize internal processes.

Our platform, DIRECTTM, offers a comprehensive monitoring, testing and reporting system for the performance and efficiency of the IVR system. To have IVR outputs adhering to the desired business value, an advanced and detailed speech analytics system must be in place.

By providing actionable insights, DIRECTTM allows the organization to minimize the operational risks associated with the IVR system and maximize the user experience. It makes internal decision-making processes more immediate to achieve the performance, reputation as well as ROI the business seeks as a result.


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