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In 2020 there has been an exponential increase in the use of the net in several fields, from web-based learning to remote working, up to the sudden need to accelerate the digitalization of processes and services and the birth of apps to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

There are many elements that must be considered for a healthy digital development of companies, PA, and of the entire country in order to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and security of infrastructure and data. Nowadays, the massive use of computers and mobile devices connected to the Internet generates a huge amount of information.

Digital technology has changed our lives forever. It must be used in a conscious way, knowing the limits and risks of a system that contrasts privacy and security. In the year of the pandemic, the protection of personal data has found itself at the center of a widespread and deep involvement.

Data Protection and Privacy: one does not exclude the other

Data breaches affect both the company and its customers. Stolen data can range from relatively benign information to extremely personal details. A breach can cost the company its reputation.

Can Data Protection and Privacy be considered synonymous as many believe?

The Forbes Technology Council clearly distinguishes between the two concepts and stresses the importance of having the necessary systems in place to protect digital assets.

Data Privacy represents those regulations that govern the use of data whenever it is shared with any entity, and it defines who has authorized access to this resource. On the other hand, data protection is the set of all the procedures and tools that are put in place to enforce the policy and regulation. One does not ensure the other, but for an accurate control we need both.

Data privacy controls are mostly assigned to users, who can control what data is shared and with whom. Protecting this data is up to the company. It is companies’ responsibility to make sure that the level of privacy their users have set is implemented, and that their data is protected. Consequently, data protection makes sure that data is safeguarded from illegal access by unauthorized parties.

You can’t have privacy without security

Business professionals must know how to protect and safeguard data because greater interconnectedness implies greater exposure to cyber threats and attacks. Today, with a well-planned cyber-attack, it is possible to extract sensitive information from corporate databases, also belonging to individuals.

Data Breach can incur penalties. The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requires the company to demonstrate that it has done everything possible to preserve its own information and that of its customers from hacker attacks.

There is the necessity for companies and professionals to act promptly and implement rapid solutions, and an effective strategy that combines valid protection tools, GDPR privacy and Cyber Security.


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