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RESI S.p.A | RPA: How Automation Is Reshaping the Future of Customer Service

Enhancing customer service is a lifelong goal for all businesses. Timeliness is a trump card in winning customer satisfaction. The challenge is that most organizations still have disconnected processes, with customer data spread across a multitude of different systems. For call center operators, solving a single customer service issue often means having to access dozens of different systems and data sources. To bridge the gap and provide better service, companies are turning to intelligent automation to connect disparate systems, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the set of technologies that deal with the automation of repetitive, massive, and error-prone work processes, through the application of tools with 'smart' workflows.

Through incorporating RPA applications within customer service, companies can automate several time-consuming and labor-intensive routine tasks. Thus, automation increases productivity, brings more value to the business and enables optimized customer service and satisfaction. Contrary to what people may think, intelligent automation is not the enemy of workers, nor does it eliminate jobs.

According to a study by Grand View Research, the global robotic process automation (RPA) market will reach $3.97 billion by 2025.

The role of RPA in Customer Service

By making it possible to automate tasks that are highly repetitive (in the sense that are rule-based and using structured data), Robotic Process Automation has provided top companies with a significant improvement in operational efficiency. RPA is an intuitive approach that can accelerate your data processing and workflows.

Through automating some of the processes that are part of customer service management, the time spent identifying customers and providing better support can be significantly reduced. In this way, customer service representatives can access information more quickly and eliminate time spent on hold.

Here are some use cases of RPA in customer service:

  • Thanks to RPA, you can have your chatbot completing the customer's request immediately instead of handing off the interaction to a human agent.
  • By leveraging the power of robotic process automation, it is possible to provide customers with a self-service option while allowing access to a wide range of back-end applications.
  • Manage the sign-in process by allowing the RPA to access the user's fully secure encrypted credentials.
  • It is possible to integrate the RPA to equip the chatbot in order to fulfill customer service requests instantly.
  • RPA can deal with security in a more reliable manner and help reduce errors, refine data quality, and ensure compliance and consistency.
  • Finally, with robotic process automation, you can achieve standardization of various processes across all business channels.

The benefits of automation in customer service

Thanks to RPA, you can:

Reduce costs: When a customer service representative uses a system powered by robotic process automation, the average time spent with customers decreases along with processing costs.

Simplify processes: automation not only reduces errors and creates efficiency, but also improves process predictability while enforcing compliance and adhering to regulations.

Ensure a superior customer experience: RPA helps operators reduce the time it takes to handle a customer request, providing the customer with effective support and a better experience.

The automation of robotic processes represents a game-changer that can help companies to overcome some of the gaps in the support of customers and customer service activities. Organizations dealing with a high volume of customer-oriented activities need to consider robotic automation to accelerate their processes. Such technologies have a strong and positive impact on businesses.

RESI, by deploying its proprietary software robot, is helping companies to reduce all those repetitive processes that human workforce must deal with every day. This provides any organization that embraces process automation, whether in the front or back office, with a visible increase in ROI.


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