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RESI is the industrial partner of SYSYEM within the H2020 Programme

Resi is the Industrial Partner of "SYSTEM" (SYnergy of integrated Sensors and Technologies for urban sEcured environment), a three-year project co-funded within the Horizon 2020 Programme (Call: Fight against crime and Terrorism,SEC-10-FCT-2017)

The main objective of the transnational European initiative is to develop and testa customised sensing system for hazardous substances detection in complementary utility networks and public environments. For ensuring greater protection of citizens, the innovative monitoring and observing of fused data sources will be tested in seven urban areas.

The SYSTEM Consortium is composed by 22 partner organizations from Belgium, Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovak Republic, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.Resi will provide the data fusion center which will gather and analyse data from multiple sensors and integrate the same data with information of external systems. 

All the collected information is forwarded to a centralized monitoring and processing system where authorized personnel can investigate and analyse the captured contents with very sophisticated tools accordingly to the investigation finalities.

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