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Quality Assurance and Analytics: an invincible combination for the customer experience

Direct is the platform for complete monitoring of contact center activities with a view to improving performance and customer relations.

The "modern" customer experience

Customer expectations are increasing day by day and brands must be able to manage 360 ° omnichannel. The paradigm of the contemporary customer experience sees the Amazon customer-centric vision contrast with maximum business efficiency.

Enabling technologies have been shown to improve the relationship with customers who are increasingly looking for a personalized experience (they don't want to feel like a number) and easily accessible services. The main objective is to increase engagement, i.e. the creation of a solid link between the brand and the consumer.

This trend derives from a strong global policy based on strengthening consumer protection and the proliferation of review and rating platforms where the user can indicate the customer satisfaction score for a given service.

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In parallel, large organizations need to implement sustainable business models and processes that tend to maximum efficiency by automating repetitive activities as much as possible.

Quality Assurance e Analytics RESI

Knowledge of the network

Interaction with customers in O2O mode (Online to Offline) generates information flows that must be monitored to understand the level of customer care, to comply with the authorities and to react in a timely manner in the event of an emergency. Direct allows you to record all the calls (inboud / outboud) of the Contact Center and provides a series of Quality Assurance tools to evaluate the interaction of Call Center operators with customers, also thanks to Speech Analytics technologies. The multi-year presence in the ICT field and the deep networking knowledge of the RESI engineers allows to have maximum visibility of the network infrastructure and thanks to allerting mechanisms to be previously aware of any problems of the network and its services. This competence has proved very useful in the recent period of the Covid-19 emergency in which many registration scenarios and the habits of the contact center users had to adapt to the new smart working mode (work from home), with evident management impacts of privacy. Through innovative technological solutions Direct allows you to automatically validate the contracts that take place on the telephone channel (vocal order). Direct can also integrate with the main Contact Center infrastructure providers in native cloud mode, a fully virtualized application capable of processing hundreds of thousands of calls per day in real time mode.

IT governance and interaction analysis

Another aspect that should not be underestimated is that miracles cannot be asked of technology when company processes and team skills have not been designed to achieve the purpose initially described, namely customer loyalty (customer centricity) and maximum efficiency. . Precisely for this reason Direct was designed and built to meet operational needs, but also to improve the IT governance of divisions across the company as it allows access with various administrative levels: from the single user, up to the c-level through the consultation of a directional dashboard. To extract the information content of conversations with customers it is important to switch from Big Data to Small Data and the technology allows you to understand through sophisticated speech analytics algorithms if the operator is asking the right question and has solved the customer's problem.

The quality controls that can be carried out embrace heterogeneous working groups ranging from compliance to customer care and from teleselling to marketing. If work from home and e-commerce take more and more foot in the world of private companies and public administration it will be even more necessary to adopt a data driven approach capable of transforming raw data (Big Data) into clear and precise information to take decisions.

Claudio Romani
RESI S.p.A Chief Executive Officer

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