Leading Italian TELCO Operator

Leading Italian TELCO Operator

Since 1990, RESI collaborate with the leading Italian telephone operator, providing over the years systems and services, both directly and indirectly through different system integrators. That allowed us to gain a solid experience in terms of knowledge of the organization and procedures that have led it to become a primary technological partner in all the problems concerning communication networks and the quality of services.

A distinctive feature that has always been appreciated and that has distinguished all RESI’s products is that they are entirely designed, designed and manufactured in our laboratories, which guarantees full knowledge of the know-how, the possibility of customization based on customer requests and quick troubleshooting.

Gemini-Net™ is a monitoring platform based on non-intrusive probes for the analysis of data with high traffic volumes and offers a wide range of tools for traffic analysis, elements' correlation and the visualization of the traffic map.

Installed at the leading Italian telephone operator since 2005 following the launch of the first VOIP offer, in order to monitor both the equipment on the Core Network and the Access Network. Over the years the platform has been expanded and also used for monitoring additional portions of the network, up to the current configuration with over 240 probes located on crucial points of the operator's network, which collect and analyze about 1.5 billion tags (CDR) per day.

Access Network:

- SBC OLO: IP interconnection with OLO

- SBC IMS: P-CSCF element of the fixed network IMS network

- SBC SD: VoIP network edge element

Core Network:

- GW/M: Network elements for traffic management generated in metropolitan areas

- Intelligent Network: Subnet for the management of VAS services

- IMS Core fixed network: IMS service center fixed network

- IMS Core mobile network: IMS service center mobile network

- CS VOIP: Service centers for residential and business VOIP

In addition to the troubleshooting functions, through which the operators are able to analyze the individual calls identifying the qualitative characteristics (source, recipient, protocol, application) and quantitative (duration, number of packets, number of bytes, etc.).

Gemini-Net™ platform also provides the features of:

• Protocol Analysis

• Real Time trace

• Data Retention

• Traffic Map

• Call correlation

• QoS/QoE Analisys

• Report and KPI

• Management of thresholds and events

Gemini-Net™ platform is particularly appreciated because, in a single system, it is able to provide multiple functions that allow operators to have a full and efficient control of the entire monitored network, with the possibility to drill-down on the specifics issues.