active and passive network monitoring


The rise of Broadband and Mobile Internet also implies significant transformations in networks and the revision of business services and models. Our solutions support Service Providers to address these challenges successfully, enabling them to identify new, sustainable business models, increase revenue and enable innovative service scenarios.

The ability to manage and analyze networks on a single platform is essential, especially for TELCO companies, in which the Network Monitoring found its main field of application. RESI is able to offer a detailed analysis through the active and passive network monitoring, used in old and new generation networks.

RESI, through OSINT solutions, offers to TELCO companies the ability to quickly identify interest-related information about people, organizations, products, places, brands, offers and more. This allows your company to understand the context in which you work or a single phenomenon, in order to study and undertake the right strategies or countermeasures.
Marketing, commercial and executive functions can have a tool to use every day to address the challenges of the market. Reducing risks and increasing opportunities is possible by having the real perception of what happens on the Web, Social Media, Forum and Dark Web.

Thanks to our Call Center Quality Monitoring solutions, also TELCO companies can take advantage of the improvements achievable by the monitoring of operators, optimization and automatization of processes.