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Working in accordance with company policies, aiding in business negotiations, identify and establish relationships with customers and partner, create and execute a business growth.
Qualifications Required
- Ten plus years of relevant experience in sales especially for ICT, TELCO and OSINT markets
- Self-motivated with strong communication skills (written and oral)
- Demonstrate flexibility in changing client demand environment
- Networking skills and an ability to contribute to the growth of the business
- Good knowledge of English
Senior Developer
Qualifications Required
- Developer expert on Microsoft Windows programming (API, DLL, etc.)
- Developer expert in programming with Unix / Linux, shell scripting experience.
- Knowledge of Delphi, C, C ++, Java programming languages
- Knowledge and experience in Oracle Database PL / SQL
- Programming experience of FTP, Telnet, SNMP, SMTP, POP3, HTTP, VoIP, SIP protocols 
- Degree in Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics or Information Technology
- Fluent English
Program Manager
Qualifications Required
- Degree in Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics or Information Technology
- Proven experience in the role
- Autonomy and flexibility
- Management and teamwork capability
- Excellent interpersonal skillsĀ 
- Good knowledge of English

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