Large Enterprise

Large Enterprise

solutions to support the development of companies' operations

Large Enterprise

RESI's proposal is characterized by a distinctive offer of services and solutions always in line with the latest technological innovations in order to enable every organization to respond effectively to every business need and to seize every possible opportunity raised by the most current market dynamics.

RESI is able to propose its own solutions and technologies on every national and international market in each geographical area, thanks to the collaboration with global business partners and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) agreements.

Moreover, the ability to design and implement embedded solutions, staff with outstanding technical skills and consistent and significant engagement in R&D activities make RESI the ideal partner for the development of vertical or custom ICT solutions.

Brand defense, products and company reputation combined with the market trend analysis are the main rules that allow companies to be successful. 

RESI's OSINT solutions help tackle issues related to illegal trademark or patent infringement, conduct a broad analysis of market trends and deepen the knowledge of its customers, partners and suppliers. Moreover, our solution can promote products through the web, increase security and prevention through dedicated activities. In addition to traditional solutions for large companies, RESI provides OSINT solutions - Open Source Intelligence - to monitor in real time Social Media, web pages, dark web and forums and providing a detailed and updated framework always put the entrepreneur in the optimum conditions to make the best decision.

Call Center Quality Monitoring services support companies to automate processes, get detailed reports of operators' activities and to spread best practices throughout the company. The automatic validation of the Vocal Order sensibly reduce operative costs in comparison to manual validation.