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RESI support large enterprises who provide services with high social impact either because of the high number of users or because they serve critical infrastructures. hese organisations need to continuously design, implement and evaluate digital solutions coherently with their mission. The aid from technology can streamline both internal and external processes of a firm, especially if it has several offices scattered across the world.

A common need of large organisations is to automate activities which require lower intellectual effort while optimising investments, time and labour force on the core business.

Meanwhile the number of distribution channels and touch points with clients is growing substantially making the management of relations and operations even more complex. Custom software solutions can lead to high ROI, cost saving and process governance for many company divisions such as compliance, customer service, security and quality assurance.

RESI solutions such as Contact Center Quality Assurance and Digital Transformation meet the need of many large enterprises of updating strategic proceeds an systems in order to enable an enhanced customer experience and simplify the management of complex IT and ICT platforms.