Innovative solutions to make public administration services more efficient


Innovative solutions to make PA services more efficient

Local and central authorities are leading the digital transformation of society. Public administrators need to implement sustainable initiatives in order to improve the relationship between government and citizens.

Most of the times, government executives have the object of reducing overly bureaucratic proceeds in order to make public services more efficient. Unfortunately, more often than not, they are not equipped with right digital tools in order to fulfil their mission.

There is an opportunity to implement new policies and best practices to realize what it has most commonly refereed as e-Government. In particular, such mutation incudes the automation of administrative activities such as the ones present in registry departments, municipal offices and local/central authorities.

From online booking and payments’ services to digital permits checking and purchasing tools, there is a plenty of benefits including more savings and efficiency for governments.

ICT solutions can help government bodies to increase transparency and allow greater participation of citizens in political life.

RESI solutions boost e-Government developments providing not just a tool but also implementing proceeds and organisations changes that lead to behaviours so that public services are delivered more efficiently, more easily at a lower cost.