mitigate risks and improve performances


The main fields where Financial Institutions can work to proactively mitigate risks and improve performance are:


  • Business and Credit Management (Know Your Customer - KYC)
  • Security and Prevention
  • Marketing Analysis


Business and Credit Management is useful in identifying suspicious discussions or activities as well as potential customer financial stability issues, providing a score in terms of both credit and risk for individuals and companies (KYC - Know Your Customer). To truly know their customers, Financial Institutions would thus have a tool to monitor the web and social media and thus have data that could prove corruption or risk related to possible investments.


Knowing people, suppliers, and stakeholders, identifying fraudulent demands, and suspicious activities, but also finding out any leaks of sensitive information from employees or partners are activities that fall into the field of Security and Prevention.

OSINT analysis can support banks by making them aware of Social Media activities and to better determine risk and action plans to improve their security.

For example, someone might post a post on Facebook with fraudolent purpose or a tweet to phish data from the user that has not yet been discovered by the Credit Institution. Another fundamental use of the software is to conduct background checks on candidates from the Company's Human Resources.

The OSINT is the engine for an efficient Business Intelligence and targeted market actions. Qualitative comparisons of competitors' offers and customers, but also creating new sources of profit by implementing a list of potential customers, improving business development activities, and doing due diligence checks on potential partners. In addition to these basic features, you can perform special tasks under specific conditions such as analysis during activities such as M&A, Joint Ventures, Partnership, and more. Only real knowledge of what happens on Social Media, Web, Dark Web and Forums can support threat prevention and make it possible to make the right decision.

Call Center Quality Monitoring solutions allow Financial Institutions companies to optimize workflows, thanks to the process automatization and functions like Vocal Order or Speech Analytics.

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